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Feb 21, 2000 10:05 AM

Lunch in the Flatiron District?

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I'm looking for good places to take new employees for lunch. (I'd like to create a tradition in the department of welcoming a new person by everyone going to lunch.) Because many of these new hires will be new to the City, I'd like to take them to places that have some character. (I don't know any because I'm new to the City myself.) Thanks.


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  1. I used to have a client in the Flatiron District who always took me to Follonico. This was a while ago so I don't know that it's still good, but it was wonderful then so it's worth checking out. It was Tuscan (italian) food in a charming/chic/warm setting, lovely staff, etc. The Zagat gives it a 23 for food, 20 for decor and 21 for service. It's at 6 W. 24th St. betw. 5th and 6th Aves. and the # is 691-6359.
    Where exactly are you because there are places east/west/south and north of the Flatiron bldg so it'd be good to know where you fall in there.

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      John Piekarski

      Our office is on 26th between 5th and Madison (just across the street from Madison Square Park). I heard one of the hot chefs opened a new restaurant in the neighborhood, but -- of course -- I can't remember his name or the restaurant's name. I think his other restaurant is near Union Square.

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        John, are you possibly thinking of Tabla and 11 Madison? Danny Meyers opened them, so that may be the Union Square connection you're remembering. They are right there in the Met Life building, facing the park. I've not been to 11 Madison, but have had great dinners at Tabla in both the upstairs and downstairs rooms - sorry, don't recall if they do lunch. If yes, the downstairs bread bar could be a good choice for a group lunch.

        1. re: Barbara S
          John Piekarski

          Yes, those are the places I'm thinking of.

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            Yikes! The Flatiron's got one of the best restaurants in Manhattan, Gramercy Tavern, and that owner's other restaurants all in the same neighborhood, roughly. You've got Eleven Madison Park and Tabla, next to each other, and then there's the Union Square Cafe. You can find addresses, hours and writeups of all these places by searching in the link provided, an offshoot of the NY Times. Some other good places are Patria and Mesa Grill. Sorry I can't be too specific with comments right now, but I'm in a rush.


            1. re: Peter Cuce

              I forgot to mention Union Pacific

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                Not to mention, Bolo (new Spanish by Bobby Flay) and Alva (New American?) both on 22nd between B'way and Park. Also, Campagna (awesome Italian) on 21st between B'way and Park.
                But if you want to spend slightly less money here are some other options: City Crab on Park Ave South around 19th street is pretty good with a classic seafood ambience. Portfolio on 19th between fifth and sixth has good clean Italian. Pizza Fresca on 20th between B'way and Park makes great individual pizzas. Punch on B'way between 20/21 makes nuevo brazilian? food. Better hire a bunch more people to have an excuse to eat at all these places.

            2. re: John Piekarski

              for a ambient lunch (for 2 or maybe 3) try out Eisenbergs on 5th near 21st. very cheap sandwiches and counter stuff but fun old new york, bound to close soon. Too cheap to impress people tho. I Trulli is amazing. All of Danny Meyers are fun--Union Sq cafe is a bit far but a fun lunch. Tabla is good. Chat 'n Chew is fun too, also in a cheaper caliber but good atmosphere--plain 'ol AMERICAN.

      2. I hear I Trulli is good but unfortunately, I have not tried it.