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Feb 17, 2000 06:03 PM

Greek Restaurants in Manhattan

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Just went to the grand opening of a place called AVRA at 141 East 48th. The food was exceptional. I had the swordfish kebob and the octopus. A friend tried the chops and the spinach pie. No flaws. The desserts are amazing.

This place also has alot warmth. Get there before the trendy savages swipe all the reservations.

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    Suzanne Smith

    Took your advice and had a memorable dinner at Aura. From picking our own fresh fish from their market, to the crusty breads served with a side of olive paste and friendly staff. Unfortunately too full for the dessert which looked scrumptious. Had the tuna with eggplant ragu and the baby romaine with creamy feta salad. thanks for the tip.