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Feb 17, 2000 04:00 PM

I need a romantic 10th anniversary restaurant

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My husband and I will be visiting NYC for the first time for our 10th wedding anniversary. I could use some recommendations for a good restaurant in the theatre district. We like places with a warm, cozy atmosphere.

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  1. Generally speaking, in my opinion, the theater district isn't the place for warm and cozy. However, Firebird, a Russian restaurant in an expensively renovated town house fits the bill and is good. Barbetta also has a beautiful townhouse (with a nice garden for a different time of year) but is expensive and mediocre. Just outside the theatre district Circo (run by the sons of Le Cirque's owner) would be fun.

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    1. re: Jerry

      Thanks Jerry. Do you have any suggestions outside the theatre district. I'm not too familiar with the area so any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

      1. re: ann

        How about Aureole? Or a tiny tiny restarunt uptowm called ERMINIA! Or Sonia Rose? Now Ihaven't been but I hear that the new BATEAUX NY is really great-very pricey and not like those other cruise around Manhattan dinner things--gourmet meals and wine and great music--check it out and report back!!!!!!!

        1. re: gina b.

          I would skip Erminia but Verbena on Irving Place betweeb 17th St. and 18th lovely.

        2. re: ann

          Some ideas: Box Tree (very expensive, tres luxe, intimate town house), Cafe Des Artistes(not as, but still expensive, really pretty place with very good French food and pleasant service), March (another town house place, less expensive and fancy than Box Tree, but pretty with really terrific service. A few years ago my family went for my wife's birthday and they must have overheard us toasting her because they brought a birthday cake at dessert time even though we hadn't asked), and River Cafe (also pricey, but the most exquisite views of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge; food is terrific.

          Hope this helps.

      2. I assume you have ducats for a play and want to stay within walking distance.
        Da Tommaso on 8th @ 54th is a seldom talked about Italian place with excellent pastas & seafood. This place has consistently pleased my out of town friends. Definitely NOT a tourist trap like the places found on Restaurant Row.
        Ask for a banquet table along the back wall.