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Didn't know when I went there that it was thrashed on these pages in 1998...So, for what it's worth..

Dinner Tuesday:
Couscous, potato and crab 'tikki' with cucumber relish - Tasty, and not greasy, but not much crab
Shiitake, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese samosa with mint & cilantro sauce / tamarind coulis - more outside than inside, but lovely effect of swirled sauces

Seafood biryani with house raita - right on. Terrific rice. Plentiful mixed seafood.
Mussels in coconut broth, lemon grass and asian spices - really plump and juicy mussels, not overcooked. Very lemon grassy.
A lovely Navarro Correas Pinot Noir.

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