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Feb 15, 2000 04:03 PM

Eight Mile Creek?

  • k

Has anyone tried this Australian restaurant downtown? I'd like to give it a try, but I'm wondering if there's anything outstanding, or truly "aussie," on the menu? Does anyone know of other Australian places in the New York area?

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  1. FWIW, William Grimes reviewed it a few weeks ago. Here is a link to the summary of the review.


    1. j
      Jennifer Stott

      I've only eaten there once, and the menu is definitely Australian with kangaroo, emu, etc. Although I didn't try it myself, the oyster "meat pie" appetizer was a huge hit with my friends. I had prawns with a sesame omelet, which was delicious. We didn't have dessert, but there was an interesting dessert menu. There is an excellent wine list. I can't remember if has only Australian wines, but they definitely make up most of the list. The service was very informed and helpful. If you try it I would ask for a table upstairs. We ate downstairs and it did feel like we were eating in a basement.

      1. I liked Eight Mile Creek-it is teeny but fairly comfortable, unpretentious and has good food. The kangaroo salad was very bland but the emu carpaccio, oyster pie and pavlova (a traditional Aussie dessert) were terrific. I think the wine list is all Australian but it has a great deal of choice within those confines. We ordered a white out of sheer curiosity because it was only $18 and it was not at all bad. I wish I could remember the name but it was a new one for me-the manager told me it was an Australian varietal of a grape that originated in Spain. They also serve a red sparkling wine-a Shiraz-that is a great after-dinner drink and hard to get in the USA-a friend who has fond memories of it from her time in Australia said she'd never seen it in A US restaurant before. And, always a plus, everyone who works there is incredibly nice and friendly.