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Feb 13, 2000 04:19 PM

Valentine's dinner at home

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My husband and I are planning to spend this Valentine's
evening in, and we're seeking suggestions for good,
inexpensive take-out in range of the west Village
(pick-up or delivery, though the latter would be nice).
Any tips? Thanks!

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  1. try calling Lupa on Thompson and see if they'll do something to go.
    price is moderate and the food is outstanding!!!!

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    1. re: Michael

      Thanks, Michael. We actually tried to get reservations
      at Lupa, but we were too late. I had lunch there a few
      weeks back, and agree that the food is great, especially
      for the price. We ended up getting take-out from Cafe
      Spice--quite tasty, and though Indian isn't exactly
      conventional Valentine's fare, we thought that the heat
      and intensity of the spices were uniquely appropriate
      to the occasion. I'm not sure, though, that the food
      was substantially distinguished from run-of-the-mill,
      less expensive Indian fare to justify the extra four
      or five bucks per entree (though there is the free
      naan and the generous portions of side veggies to
      offset that.)

      The most obvious divergence from the usual--kidney
      beans in a tomato-based sauce in place of the
      advertised side of lentils--was the least appetizing
      of the dishes. Both the chicken with spinach and the
      tandoori lamb chops were scrumptuous, though the
      spicing on the lamb seemed a bit heavy-handed and
      one-note. It's raw-spice taste managed to be both
      slightly unpleasant, and also kind of addictively

      I know there's a Cafe Spice thread on the boards, but
      I'd love to hear more from some Indian food
      afficionados about what--if anything--they feel
      distinguishes Cafe Spice.