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Feb 12, 2000 11:07 AM


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Please, please tell me what the really best dishes are at Tindo. The menu is overwhelming. I do prefer seafood

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  1. short answer: buy my book! Comprehensive dish tips.

    longer answer: stick to the specials menu (in fact...ALWAYS order off the specials menu in Manhattan Chinatown!). The large menu is a minefield of mediocrity. Don't miss: salt/pepper squid, shrimp with mayo and honey walnuts, chopped pork with salted fish, and the hot pots (baby beef bones, thailand clams, scallops, etc) on the specials menu.

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      Of course I have your book.But is out in the car right now and I really do not remember too many menu items.Thanks for the speedy reply

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        One dish I would add as a must taste if available is a casserole of oysters and roast pork. Electric!