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Feb 10, 2000 12:14 PM

Out of towners seek weekend of food

  • j

My husband and I are planning a much needed night to ourselves (we have a very active 18 month old who we have never been away from!!!)

We plan to stay at one of these hotels: The Morgan, The Mansfield or The Casablanca. They are all in the mid-town area. Any other ideas???

We want to start our evening with a wonderful dinner. Will go uptown or downtown. Know about the Zagat hot spots -- Union Square, Le Bernadin, Lespinase -- would prefer a lesser known but equally rated experience.

The following day we would love to venture out for a great lunch or brunch before heading home.

I know this is a very general request, but we don't get out much and desperately need help!!!

Also, any recommendations for a good comedy club?? We feel the need to laugh rather than do broadway.

Thank you, Thank you!

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  1. Funny that nobody has responded -- so many responses to the "fantasy weekend" posting below. Still, the boards have plenty of info/inspiration for the reading. Just wondering if you've made any decisions since you posted.