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Feb 9, 2000 02:54 PM

Best Delivery Places for Lunch near 42nd and Fifth

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My office is getting tired of our current pool of delivery places for lunch (somtimes we spend more time figuring out where to order from than we do eating). Any type of cuisine would be welcome as long as they deliver. We've done Jewel of India, Cosi, Hale and Hearty, and various others not worth mentioning. Thanks.

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  1. The salads at Alex & Max's (39th bet. 5th & 6th?) are truly great. The absolute best take out salad in the area, a good meal. They put big hunks of real, thick bacon in their spinach salad, and their dressings are good. I worked at 40th & 6th for four years, and it was the best lunch I found.

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      Adam Stephanides

      Try Mezze (10 E. 44th, 697-6644). I had a Turkish lamb & yogurt pizza there that I liked very much.