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Feb 8, 2000 05:36 PM

Wine Appreciation/Exploration Societies

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I recently met a woman who is active in a wine society here in Manhattan and unfortunately, can't remember the name of the group--too much wine consumption!

I was curious to know if any chowhounders belong to any groups, organizations or clubs where those interested in wine can learn to appreciate it with others. I use the term "club" loosely because I'm not interested in the somewhat popular "wine of the month clubs" or those clubs that are sponsored by a particluar winery.

Thanks for the info.

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  1. A number of people have recommended Willie Gluckstern's (the self-appointed Wine Avenger) wine tastings as a way to explore wine, although I'm not sure that this is what you're looking for. You can go to any one of the tastings for $65 or the whole series (White, Red, France, Italy, Germanics) for $250. Willie Gluckstern is a very opinionated fellow who is the director of wine for Nancy's Wine For Food (313 Columbus Ave), my favorite wine store, and who is also the creator of wine lists for approx. 100 restaurants in NYC.


    1. An organization named "Executive Wine seminars" has been doing tastings for at least 15 years. I think their website is They draw a rather upscale crowd--doctors, lawyers, other professionals--and their tastings aren't cheap. They are, however, pros.
      The tastings are held at the warwick Hotel, 6th Ave in the mid-fifties.

      Other tastings are held in affiliation with wine stores. There are long lists of offerings from Chelsea Wine Vault and from Acker Merrill & Condit (both in Manhattan).

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        And don't forget about the fine folks at the Burgundy Wine Company. W. 11th between Greenwich and Washington. They hold several tastings a year, usually in conjunction with the winemakers themselves. They are expensive, as befits the price of the wine in question, but good deals for what you get. And the staff is largely unpretentious and helpful.


        1. re: Patrick A.

          I am a fan of BWC and have been a customer since they opened. But I was thinking of places for introductory tastings over a wide variety of wines.

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            Hi Alan,

            Indeed -- I didn't mean to suggest that you'd made a serious omission. Just adding one of my favorite stores to your list.