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Feb 7, 2000 02:34 PM

help for vegans

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I'm looking for some good restaurants for vegan diners - not the usual suspects (Angelica et al.). I've been calling around a bit, but I would love any recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Hm. Vegan is pretty tricky. Unless explicitly stating otherwise, people will generally manage to sneak in animal products everywhere. The more you look, the less you find.

    Fancy: Hangawi, vegetarian Korean. (33rd east of 5th. Odd & overpriced, but good.)

    I seem to recall one of the luxe places offering a seasonal all-veggie plate, but I forget which.

    Less fancy, but okay:
    Bendix diner (One in Chelsea and one on 1st. Thai-inspired diner stuff. Not all vegan, but several options)
    Kate's Joint (on B. Noticed the Corner was open -- anyone been there?)
    VP3 (in Chinatown. Better than people say it is. Some veggie-meat isn't vegan, though.)
    Zen East (Asian-y. Park Slope and EV)
    Black-Eyed Suzie's (Homey. 9th St ?? EV)
    Zen Palate (Many locations)

    Burritoville (Y'know. Soy cheese available)
    Cafe Viva (EV and UWS. Kick-butt vegan/veggie pizza)
    Emerald Planet (wraps)

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      Thanks very much...It's a tough road! Perhaps the "luxe" restaurant you mentioned was Cafe Boulud? They do have several "bounty of the garden"-type things. I'm assuming they're extremely tasty, but cheese could be a problem. I'd love to hear opinions from anyone who has tried the veggie dishes there. Also, has anyone tried/heard anything about Borchue on W.21st? Thanks again!

      1. re: Lauren

        Haven't been there in several months, but I'm pretty sure there is always a grilled vegetable entree on the menu at Home on Cornelia St. They are pretty good about special requests, too.

        1. re: Barb. H.

          I like Hangawi quite a bit and don't think it's overpriced for the quality and the serenity of the space. I particularly like the multi-course chef's meal, which will fill you incredibly more than you think it could.

          There's a good vegan place on the Upper West Side called Ozu (566 Amsterdam, 87th/88th). Steven Shaw reviews it on his restaurant site. The food is Japanese-influenced. There's no dairy used whatsoever. Everything's tasty, but I especially recommend the Ozu roll.