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Feb 7, 2000 09:00 AM

Excited about Union Pacific

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Silly me called Babbo at noon. One month in advance. They could offer me 5:30 or 10:45 for dinner for four. "Would you be willing to reduce your party to two?" Um, no. So I called Union Pacific.
I've made a lot of reservations in my day but none compare to UP. The best. Left me so excited about my upcoming meal there. Any current recommendations?

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  1. The best starter is a raw sea scallop with sea urchin and mustard seed. It is one of the best dishes on offer in New York City.

    1. One of the most thrilling meals I've had was at 11 Madison Park. Every dish consistently scored high, but perhaps most memorable were the astonishing roasted sweetbreads with verjus. I actually ate there the night after a meal at Union Pacific, which I found good but not great, with off-notes to some of the dishes and ideas that just didn't quite work...good luck...