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Feb 5, 2000 10:14 AM

fantasy food weekend (long)

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I just want to let you all know how pleased I was to find your website. Ironically I came across it while doing a search for Z****t--their server must have been down b/c their page wouldn't come up even though I was using the right address--when I put the hated name in a a search engine the Chowhounds site came up first, so I checked it out and proceeded to spend the next six hours reading mostly the Manhattan posts. Marvelous! Just the sort of thing I needed. I'll be visiting later this month. I get into LaGaurdia 8am on a Friday and I'll go straight to City Bakery for some passionfruit tarts if they have them, key-lime with candied-ginger crust if not(but I make the key-lime ones at home, so they're not as exotic as the passionfruit ones--can't find the passionfruit pulp around here)and a big hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow or two. Yum!

I'm considering L'Ecole for lunch, the French Culinary Institute's restaurant, but checking their menu I'm not sure it grabs me. Maybe hot pastrami at Katz's instead.

My cousin gets into LGA about 8pm, then we're going to a late(for us Southerners anyway) supper somewhere--not sure where yet.

Saturday I'll probably drag her down to City Bakery for breakfast, then lunch somewhere with the family--see quiet lunch post.

Saturday night we may go see 'Fully Committed', then off for another late supper after the theater.

I love Peking duck--anybody know of a place that serves late enough we could have that after the show Saturday? I've always been satisfied at the Peking Duck house on Mott Street, but the Nice Restaurant and some of the others you all have mentioned sound like good ones also, and closer to our hotel on W. 47th.

In between meals I know I'll do some shopping--I'll
visit Bridge Kitchenware just to drool, and I've been wanting to go to Zabar's--never made it that far uptown.

Harmony Palace for dim-sum maybe on Sunday. And another visit to City Bakery to get a box or two to take home on the plane. Or are they open Sundays? I'll check on that.

I've ordered Jim Leff's book, it should come next week--it wasn't one Amazon seemed to have on hand. I'll enjoy having the choices for where to eat made even more difficult.

thanks again for the great site.

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  1. Unless they've changed their policy recently, City Bakery is, alas, closed on Sundays.

    1. Patryce, glad you found us!

      Your plan sounds good to me. Skip peking duck in chinatown. Eat that at Ping's in Elmhurst--close to laguardia, if you want to catch it en route--or no where. Well, it might be good at the Nice, but it's just not a dish to order around here.

      one thing though: we're more and more a national site. So I hope you'll also contribute to discussions about wherever it is you live...and visit. The more good talk we get on our regional boards, the more your fellow local hounds will be drawn in, much to the greater chow knowledge of us all


      1. Skip L'Ecole for lunch
        I had dinner at L'Ecole a few weeks back and was quite disapointed. I'd been looking forward to eating there for quite some time and was not happy when I left. Burnt/undercooked chicken (yes!), crabcakes made with something much fishier than crab, etc, etc.
        I guess it depends on the student-chef du jour, but this was really sub-standard fare.
        SO many other great restaurants in the city/that neighborhood. Just look through this message board! (Try Prune or 71 Clinton FF or Lupa or 2nd Ave deli or 5 Points or or Once upon a Tart, etc....). Good eatin!

        1. I think you should skip Katz' Deli and go to the Second Avenue Deli instead. The Second Avenue, although it is open on Saturday, serves genuinely kosher food (it doesn't merely give that appearance), and I've always believed in seeking out the full ethnic treatment whatever ethnic cuisine you choose. Beside, the Second Avenue Deli is fantastic--there really is no competition.

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          1. re: Elliot

            Whaddya mean the full ethnic treatment? The history of non-Orthodox Judiasm in New York is at least as long and as storied as that of the keep-it-kosher crowd, and the taste of non-kashered meat, of real cheese, of coffee with real cream is a helluva lot better than the kosher stuff. You may like 2d Avenue Deli better, but in no way is it more ``authentic'' than Katz's.

            1. re: j gold

              You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but the history of Jewish delicatessens in New York City is 100% kosher. You can look it up.