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Feb 4, 2000 08:48 PM

Restaurant to take 4 ,13 year females with two adults in NYC

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We were thinking either the Odeon or Le Tableu and other suggestions?

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  1. what are budgetary considerations

    since you have a younger crowd with you

    which is what i think youre saying but im unsure

    id go to something in danny meyers empire

    tabla or gramercy tavern

    other cool places

    union pacific never disappoints

    montrachet is very very good

    id go with gramercy tho

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    1. re: trotter

      I love the idea of Odeon for your group... think it's perfect. Having been a 13 yr old girl once upon a time I would love that or Cafe Luxembourg (upper w.) or Cafe Express (Park Ave. S.). Or maybe Larry Forgione's American Place...
      And, Matt, maybe it's a gender thing but a 13 yr. old GIRL would not find McD's very special!
      I think the Danny Meyer stuff is great eating but just don't see it for your party--too refined and older and.... just not as *fun*. I go to Gramercy Tavern on a date, but I go to the Odeon when I'm dishing with 6 chicks or going out for a birthday dinner with 10. I think they'll dig Odeon because it's more of a 20s/30s hang-out place (with many 40s and up of course, but get my drift).

      1. re: Jessica S.

        i never suggested mcdonalds; it was a simple (and i think valid) observation about the way kids value food then and now. gender had nothing to do with it.

        1. re: matt

          Well I was 13 in 1976 and had a lot of fun and felt very special when I got to go to a 'fancy' restaurant. Maybe it's a class/geographical thing --as a middle-class Manhattanite McDs was never anything but a snack or casual meal. It was a treat when I was about 7.... that's why I just thought for that maybe for boys it's still a treat at 13 or something.

          1. re: Jessica S.

            How about America on East 18th Street. It has a huge menu, and is very popular with kids at the weekend - they have crayons, balloon men, etc. The food is definitely NOT Danny Meyer, but it is a fun room.

    2. when i was 13 i was thrilled with mcdonalds. boy, kids have changed.

      if the kids want something a little less fancy, try some of the trattorias near NYU on Bleecker and Carmine Street. Trattoria Spaghetto is decent. Or you could get ribs at Brother Jimmy's or Virgils.

      1. I've got a sixteen year old daughter so have been down that path. Obviously, as others have said it depends on budget and the type of kids involved. Based on the names you mentioned, I'd guess that you're thinking moderately expensive, moderately adventureous. So, the Brazilian churrascheria places, such as Platform and Riodizio come to mind, Le Madri and Elio's in Italian (Elio's is my daughter's favorite), if it's lunchtime a big dim sum place can be a lot of fun (e.g. Golden Unicorn) and a place that's pretty good, really good to look at, feels like it's a scene and is convenient to the theatre district is Circo run by the sons of the owner of Le Cirque.

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        1. re: jerry

          I LOVE Le Madri - but I cannot think of one single reason to take children there. Am I missing something? Now Circo is a great idea.

          1. re: Gini

            I love Osteria del Circo, the atmosphere is whimisical and so much fun. The food can satisfy people of all ages. My grand daughter, who is five years old, considers Circo her favorite restaurant.
            My husband and I love to sample any of the delectable selections. On the other hand, my grandchild, a very fussy gourmet, will eat only the very plain pizza, "no green things on it please."

            Circo is pricey, but so much fun.