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Feb 3, 2000 03:48 PM

lunch at Jean-Georges

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Any comments from those who've lunched at J-G would be welcome. Am wondering if I should get the $45 3 course prix fixe or just order from the menu. Any suggestions on what to order?


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  1. We were there for lunch last June and ordered the prix fixe menu and it was excellent. I'd recommend doing that. We always do the prix fixe or degustation menu when it's avaliable.

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      order the prix fixe because it is overall cheaper in the end and will give you a little bit more leeway because youre not constantly adding up various prices because of a la carte ordering and stressing over the bill the whole time

      jean georges in general is a decent place but i think vongs food is overrated

      i like its simplicity especially in terms of its architectural qualities

      but it leaves a lot to desire

      its probably better that youre going for lunch than dinner