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Feb 3, 2000 11:02 AM

pho cong ly

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checked out chowhound fave pho cong ly on Hester Street over the weekend - must agree that their pho was superior - particularly rich and flavorful broth-grilled pork rolled up in a crepe and lettuce leaf with mint and pickled garlic was also good, with their peanut-dominated dipping sauce dabbed on- however the sauce did nothing for the insipid summer roll - would have preferred the more typical and lighter liquid nuoc mam sauce. Very limited menu, very cheap, very friendly staff.

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  1. jen, please note that if you have the 1st printing of my book, there's a very unfortunate type that gives that place
    a stupendously high food quality rating. We printed correction slips that were inserted in many copies, but some readers (I cringe to think of it) were
    given the mistaken impression that this is the second best place in the book.

    I liked it (for all the reasons you did), but it ain't THAT good.

    You have my permission to correct--in pen, even!--the food quality rating to 86.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      don't worry - I was not misled - and I agree, its good but not great. Our dinner (3 dishes + coffees), for 2, was under $20, though. That good, for that price, is just fine IMHO.

    2. The thick bean sauce you got, called nuoc leo, is absolutely traditional for goi cuon, the rice paper roll. Dipping goi cuon in the sweet fish sauce nuoc cham would be like squirting worcestershire sauce on a baloney sandwich.

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      1. re: j gold

        And what would be wrong with worcestershire sauce on a baloney sandwich?? :-))

      2. forgot to mention...summer rolls were not a good order there. pho and chicken curry...nothing more, nothing less. you got lucky with the pork!

        the pho in DC and Arlington, VA is so much better...but this is about the best in NYC