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Feb 2, 2000 11:44 PM

Wife's Birthday

  • j

I want to take my wife somewhere special for her birthday on Saturday night. I realize that I can't get a reservation in many places on such short notice. The food and an interesting atmosphere are important, wine is not. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Why not take advantage of your reservationlessness and go to a tough-ticket place that doesn't accept them--Next Door Nobu, say, or Pastis, or (mostly) Lupa. Come early or pretty late. Spend the hour or so you'll need to wait for a table hanging out at a nearby bar and make an evening of it.

    1. s
      Seth Ditchik

      Why not try Shun Lee Palace? When people think romantic meal they usually don't think Chinese food, but they should. I went here a few years ago for Valentine's day; it wasn't hard to get reservations, and the food, service, and decor were incredible. It is probably the most opulent Chinese meal you'll have in New York.

      Shun Lee Palace: 155 E. 55th St. (betw. Lex. & 3rd)
      (212) 371-8844