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Feb 1, 2000 09:42 PM

Chinease New Year

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Does anyone know a fabulous place for Chinease new year?
I know in the times tomorrow they're bound to publish something that will have the good places booked up in a heartbeat, but I'd love to hear anyone's traditional New Year's favorites

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  1. FWIW, a Chinese friend throws a banquet each year at the 31 Division Street Dumpling House, a very tasty if not especially upscale venue. I think that she chooses the dishes (i.e., I'm not sure that two people can walk in and request a "New Year's banquet"), but here's last year's menu, pasted from the invitation:

    1) Scallops and vegetables
    2) Sea food in taro root "bird nest"
    3) Seaweed and tofu "skin" (vegetarian)
    4) Seafood and tofu (soft bean curd) soup
    5) Three varieties of mushrooms with vegetable (vegetarian)
    6) Crispy skin chicken
    7) Lobster with ginger and scallion
    8) "Bright Oven" barbecued duck
    9) Prawns and walnuts
    10) Crispy pork chops with sweet Peking sauce
    11) Pan fried flounder and sauce
    12) "Yi mein" Cantonese noodles
    13) Fried rice (filler, comes last--in case anybody is still hungry)

    Does anyone know whether thirteen is a _lucky_ number in the Orient? (Though there is a nominal fourteenth dessert course, consisting of orange sections and sweet bean soup.)

    1. If you can venture as far up as Yonkers, I can recommend Hunan Village on Central Park Ave. They're having their Chinese New Year banquet every day through Feb. 13 and it is outstanding. We were there Sat. night. 19 courses, $50 per person. This year they brought in a chef from Shanghai to plan and prepare the Chinese New Year banquet.