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Jan 31, 2000 08:06 PM

The American Parisians Return!

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You may remember my frantic posts from late summer about the American-in-Paris Foodies. They're coming back for dinner on February 12! I need help in choosing a venue again, especially on such short notice. No French, no Chinese, no Moroccan. No seafood places - they're kosher at home, but at restaurants will eat anything but pork or shellfish (as far as I can tell). In the past we've dined at Home, Babbo and Puttanesca, so those are out. Babbo and Home were both pretty big hits, although I think Babbo was a little too pricey. It's hard to choose a place to take people for dinner when they are picking up the check, and our party will be four, so it can really add up. These people KNOW FOOD. But the purpose of our dinner is not to feast as much as it is to spend time together, so setting is key. What about Picholine?

Any suggestions are appreciated more than you can know...

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  1. Hi Tara -

    I've never been to Babbo, but I've been to Picholine, and it's expensive. It's terrific, especially the salmon with the zippy horseradish crust and the wondrous cheese cart. But you said Babbo was maybe a bit too pricey, so I thought I should warn you. Picholine is excellent, though, and the space is pretty and comfortable.

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      How about Five Points... it has been written about favorably here, and looks very nice (I peeked inside but haven't eaten there yet.)

      1. re: Jessica S.

        Five Points' menu looks perfect, and I made a reservation (for the record, I have made only one reservation for that evening). Anyone been there on a Saturday night? I'd like to know about the room, the noise level, ambiance.

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      jonathan sibley

      How about Beacon? Food and wines you can't get in Paris. Excellent steaks, very good (but smallish) wine list with some nice American wines. Not really fancy cooking (probably the less fancy the dish the better, here), but my dinner there was quite tasty.

      1. I just ate at Lupa over the weekend and it was fabulous. It is owned by the same people who own Babbo and Po but not as pricey. In your case, it would be good because the pretty front room doesn't require a reservation. We got there at 6:15 and were seated by 7:30pm (although we could have been seated when we walked in but we were waiting for people). The food was to die for and the place os really pretty. I recommend the crispy duck!!