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Jan 31, 2000 01:30 AM

Tres Aztecas

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I ate at this restaurant for the 2nd time tonight. It's on Allen St. and Rivington. They give you chips and a delicious, hot salsa with the meal. Their guacamole is also delicious, and their dishes are big and good enough to remind me of the taquerias in the Mission District in San Francisco - though perhaps not quite up to that high standard. The prices are also good ($6 for a quesadilla, $7.50 for a shrimp chimichanga). The service is friendly, the clientele as far as I've seen so far is exclusively Latin. I think this worthy restaurant deserves a bigger clientele. Go there instead of going to the overpopular Benny's Burritos, which is more expensive and not as good, based on my experience so far.

I intend to patronize other Latin restaurants in the Lower East Side between Houston and Delancey east of Allen and report back. Can any of you recommend any in that area, or between Houston and 14th east of Av. A?

Muchas gracias,


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  1. I've been to Tres Aztecas a few times over the years, and enjoyed it -- I don't think it's up to the level of The Mission, or even of Queens, but it's definitely better than most anything else in the nabe. (And please don't say "Mexican Radio"!) There's a nice Mexican place on either Stanton or Rivington near Allen, I think it is called Festival. And a couple of good Dominican (? -- I'm not sure if "Dominican" is an accurate description of these places' ethnicity) places on I think Eldridge Street, around Rivington.

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      What about the Dominican(?) place on Rivington and Clinton, or the Clinton Restaurant on Clinton and Houston? I haven't been to either, but both intrigue me.

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        I was walking down Rivington this morning, and at the corner of Ludlow I noticed a new upscale Mexican restarant, called Casa Mexicana, I believe. Has anyone been there yet? Comments?

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          Steven Stern

          Oy...don't bother. I was there the other night, and while I want to take into consideration that they're brand new and shaky on their feet, it was clear what was going on: this is not a place for people who care about food. It will probably do very well, filling up with shiny hipsters who don't notice what they're putting in their mouths.

          The options on the menu include steak next to rice, steak on top of rice, and steak with a side of rice. I had the chicken. It claimed to be a half-chicken with mole sauce: it was sectioned, boned, and cottony. The astoundingly lackluster "mole" was painted in a thin, pretentious wash on the plate ("Upscale," as far as I can tell, being a synonym for: "Behold! We put the sauce _under_ the Meat!). There was a hockey puck of Minute Rice.

          Also: bad tamales and blue wineglasses. And when the appetizers were delayed, the waitress came over with a wee portion of salsa (supermarket tomatoes and jalapeno) and chips (home-made but over-fried) and announced, ponderously, "It's _complementary_!"


          This place made me angry.

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            Thanks for the warning -- sorry you had to go there!