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Jan 30, 2000 08:49 AM

WANTED: someone to teach cooking techniques to my father!

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My father has been married to a wonderful cook for almost sixty years. She's no longer cooking, and he's started, using his intuition and years of experience eating in her kitchen and others the world over. He's
focused and passionate (baking until three am!) but needs more direction than he's getting from my old cookbooks. His birthday is coming up and I'd like to find someone whom I could "hire" to cook with him a few times - in his kitchen or theirs - and share some of the techniques they use (someone like Jeanette Seaver, whose book was an inspiration to me when I was getting started). I realize this is vague... but I think he'd benefit from informal instruction (from someone other than his equally willful daughter!), geared to his lifestyle (a retired artist/author, cosmopolitan but very down-to-earth). He lives near Gramercy Park, and I'd like to talk with anyone who thinks they may be able to help, or has any ideas for me. Please email me directly, and I'll email or call you back - whichever you prefer. Thank you!

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