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Jan 28, 2000 11:28 AM

birthday dinner

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I am taking my mother out for her birthday and have 3 reservations: Moomba, Grammercy Tavern and Gotham. Any suggestions on the best/worst choice??

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  1. First of all, I really take exception to people making more than one reservation for an evening. Even if you cancel the two reservations you do not use, right now there are people having to plan alternatively because they couldn't get a reservation. Secondly, the three restaurants you have to choose from are wildly diverse. Gramercy Tavern is by far the only choice for a birthday dinner. Moomba eeeek, Gotham is good but with a great deal of noise and attitude. Put yourself into the hands of Danny Meyer, I doubt you will be sorry.

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    1. re: Stefany B.

      Agreed--why can't you make your decision before you reserve and reserve at 1 place. I find this to be an odd practice.
      That said, GT is definitly the one truly stellar/world-class place on your list.

      1. re: Jessica S.

        Ditto on all counts. Making multiple reservations, especially at such in-demand spots, really does end up screwing other people. And go with Gramercy Tavern (though Gotham's a fine second choice).

        1. re: Dan

          I suppose any number of people make duplicate reservations, but I was really surprised to see someone speak about it so publicly in a public forum . It was nice to see the expressions of disapproval.

          1. re: Bux

            i do think that your multiple reservations is silly but since others have lambasted you for it ill drop it especially in light of how most people dont complain about how restaurants overbook anyways

            moomba is very mediocre but i like hanging out near the bar and usually go their for a predinner drink and oysters

            as per gramercy tavern

            always a winner

            its one of my favorites esp the tavern to hang out before reservations at other restaurants

            union is also good but i think unanimously that gramercy tavern is recognized as being the best place for a great value

            ie its prix fixe is a wonderfully cheap bargain for all that youre getting in it

            what i typically do

            is go to multiple places but only make reservations at one

            the tavern is one of my favorite places to go to

            i typically never make reservations at the places i eat at but wait for cancellations and call ahead of time