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Jan 28, 2000 11:02 AM

Anyone been to Bouchon?

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Thinking of going there tonight and the chef has worked in some decent kitchens. Anyone have any opinions about the place? Thanks

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    months later I find this! I will begin this by saying that the chef is a good friend - so this post is in my mind objective but you can decide how you want to factor that in. BOTTOM LINE - I love it! Nic serves really really solid yummy bistro food for amazing prices. And he is breaking out with creativity here and there. Also he is really aiming to open up the wine list soon. It is not Bouley daniel or wherever you can spend a ton and meltlike butter but for people like me who have good taste but more of a a cheez-whiz budget, it is fabulous. Bad food will not happen to you here and you will never feel like you wasted money.