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Jan 27, 2000 02:11 PM


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I remember going to a place (I think it was in the St. Moritz hotel) called Rumplemeyers(??) It was a dessert place I think? It catered to children? Am I remembering this correctly? Is it a good place? Can anyone recommend a place to take a 5 year old girl for a special day for lunch or just cake or ice cream, that is fun-spirited?

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  1. I don't think Rumplemeyer's exists anymore - how about Serendipity?

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    1. re: judith

      Last time I was there, everything about the experience was abysmal. I think they're closed, too, but either way it's a do-not-visit.

      It sure was great once, though. On cold days like this I really miss their hot chocolate (rich and thick and served in a teapot so you could pour yourself seconds and thirds). Sigh...


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Uh-oh--overlapping threads! So Serendipity's all washed up eh? I just wrote about it in the hot chocolate thread...oops!

        For kids maybe try the popover Cafe on the upperwest? They have good stuff for kids and lots of teddy bears.

        Or try Peanut Butter & Co. down in the village.

        1. re: Jessica A.

          woops...never been to Serendipity, I was talking about Rumplemeyer's!

          sorry for the confusion...


          1. re: Jim Leff

            OH! Well then, Serendipity's is still pretty decent and I would recommend it!

    2. What's that really really pink candy and dessert place on First Ave on the upper east side? I've never been there, but it might be a great choice for a five year old. Also, daniel young LOVED the ESPN zone in times square for kids, though it's a noisy madhouse


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        That pink place is probably Peppermint Park - a likely spot for ice cream and hot chocolate, but I haven't been there in years, so can't give an opinion on their offerings. It's on First Avenue, somewhere in the 60s, on a northwest corner.

        1. re: Dena

          Peppermint Park, bingo. I've never gone's too cutesy for me. But about a year ago someone told me there's something really really good there. Wish I could remember what it is....

          thanks for coming up with the name, Dena!


        2. re: Jim Leff

          I believe you are describing Peppermint Park -- that pinkish place on first ave, in the 60's -- it is indeed a condy-land for kids

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          Rachel Perlow

          I would recommend Serendipity (actually the name is Serendipity 3, not for the number of restaurants, but the number of partners who originally opened the place). I've never actually had "food" there, but people who do seem to enjoy it.

          We usually go there just for dessert. Their sundaes are killer. When I'm in a "eat something healthy" mood I'll go for the fruit fondue (with hot fudge, of course). Their cakes look great too, but I usually go for their ice cream concoctions.

          Don't bother with the Frozen Hot Chocolate. They really push it, but I think it just tastes like a chocolate flavored icee.

          Also, if you are going with children, be prepared to buy something in the gift area up front, where you will probably have to wait for at least 10 minutes before being seated!

          Downstairs is a little more frenetic, with eclectic decorations. Upstairs looks more an old fashioned ice cream parlor.



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          1. re: Rachel Perlow

            I beg to differ with this writer's assessment of the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's -- I have had many a fond and even blissful moment enjoying the spectacle of the mammothness of the portion (at a price, to be sure, but nonetheless...) and then picking off the real, darkish chocolate shavings from the top, swirling the grainy-textured frozen hot-choc around my tongue, savoring the not-quite ice cream, yet not ices quality of the whole thing. Plus it is a FUN dessert for kids, first because of the silly oxymoronic name, and second because it is just so darn big, and impossible to finish -- it gets all soupy and then you can play with it, in moderation of course. So -- hyped, yes, I will grant you that, but in my opinion the hype is merited, at least for the experience.

            1. re: amy adachi

              I agree with Rachel! I love the frozen hot chocolate... esp. if you like cold icy chocolate, like Haagen Dazs chocolate sorbet.

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