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Jan 27, 2000 11:53 AM

branching out--washington heights

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Have lived up in Washington Heights (near the Cloisters) for almost 12 years, but have been fairly lazy about trying places outside a 6-block radius. There's Kismat, a decent Indian place; Bleu, a decent American-trendy place; Tryon's (which is too expensive for us and might or might not still be around) and a couple of coffee shops. La Caridad, Broadway and 184th is OK, but nothing amazing.

I can give recommendations from New York Presbyterian on up (El Presidente on 163rd and Broadway, El Malecon (175th and Broadway, sister to the one on Amsterdam), and El Lino on 207 except for the rude service)but have been wimpy about taking the family anyplace else.
Anyone out there try Jubille (Nagle&Hillside)? The El Salvadorean place around Broadway and 187th? El Mambi on 181? The Uruguayan place near Port Authority and 178? Any dishes to recommend?


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  1. I hear there are good bagels at 181 bet bwy and ft washington bagels; also I found this bit of gibberish on my check-out list (decode it and maybe it'll be worth something for you):

    "on 187 st little cafe and catering hall good sandwiches/coffeon pot 2260 7 ave 491-5270"

    don't forget Carrot top for carrot cake at broadway & 164

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Jessica Shatan

      You had to go and mention Carrot Top, didn't you? I am not a cake fan in general but I love theirs. My sister moved up to Inwood and then had 2 kids so their birthday parties always feature Carrot Top cakes and I look so forward to them. They have a density that reminds me of the Cupcake Cafe. Not light and fluffy. And the flavors taste REAL, the chocolate frosting tastes like chocolate not just sweet goop colored brown. I would like to go to the actual place.... do they have tables or is it just take-out? And what else besides the cakes are good?

      Also, in Inwood, Hoppin' Jalepeno's is pretty good, esp. for families or groups of friends. On 207th east of Bway I believe.

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        Has anyone ever tried Lloyd's Carrot Cake? I've seen two branches, one directly under 242 St. Station on Broadway in the Bronx (end of the 1/9 train), the other just east of Lenox in Harlem -- around 132 St. or so.

        Both branches looked intriguing.


        1. re: Patrick A.

          I have had the carrot at Lloyd's and it is very good and very cheap. My taste buds might have been slightly off though because I devoured the cake immediately after finishing a 15K race in Van Cortland park. I'm pretty sure the other location is 116th and Lenox.

          1. re: jf

            Thanks to everyone who responded to the Washington Heights question. So...2 months later... Carrot Top's c.cake is good although we've had better service at the 163rd and B'way location than at the Inwood one. When we try the El Salvadorean place at B'way and 188th we'll give a report. (12 years ago they had the best Japanese restaurant up here--sniff.)Anyone ever notice the enormous orange at the carwash near Dyckman? They serve pretty good batidas (sp?) out of there, although one friend complained they don't always clean out the juicer...

    2. Alison, you mention an Uruguayan place near Port Authority and 178 in your January post. So on Friday night, I trolled the area looking for it and came up empty-handed. Major bummer. Is it still there? What is it called? Where is it exactly?

      Anybody know?