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Jan 25, 2000 08:37 PM


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I am going there this Saturday -- any tips on what to get? is this place nearly as good as Po or Babbo?

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  1. I ate there last week (had a reservation)
    Everything I tried was really quite good. Particularly delicious starter was dressed greens with a piece of flan/custard-like cheese along side.
    I haven't been to Po (yet!), but have been to Babbo. Lupa is definitely more casual than Babbo, both the restaurant and the menu style. Lots of real basic pasta dished. Very inexpensive (average entree was probably $12) with an interesting wine list of inexpensive un-known Italians.
    You will love it!

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      any of the pastas or the Cod......
      the retaurant is quite good and very moderatly priced.

      1. re: Michael

        I have been there three times now, including the night before last. Everything I've tasted has been very,very good with an arugula and beet salad, sardines with farro, mackerel carpaccio (this was fabulous!) and fried sweetbreads particular standouts. And Wednesday night, dinner for two, including tax, 20% tip (waiter was great) and a nice bottle of Traminer from the Alto Adige was $45!