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Jan 25, 2000 10:43 AM

dinner hear the Carlyle Hotel

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Need a restaurant near the hotel Carlyle hotel during the week. Perfer not to eat at the hotel.

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  1. how about a few details? for instance, how much are you willing to spend? are you willing to eat late? how far are you willing to travel? is a wine list important? a particular cuisine you have in mind?

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      I hate to make assumptions based on an isolated fact, but if she's staying at the Carlyle, price is probably not an issue. I'd suggest Cafe Boulud.

    2. Ate dinner at The Mark (caddy corner to the Carlyle) Xmas Eve - nice service, and atmosphere - food was ok - not cheap though

      1. There are a couple of nice options in that neighborhood. Cello, Cafe Boulud, L'Absinthe, to ame a few.