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Jan 23, 2000 05:49 PM

Reasonably priced restaurant with a view

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Someone was telling me about a reasonably priced, fine food restaurant that was atop a building where you had a nice view of the city. Anybody know of such a place? If so, what about it? I'm planning my 4th trip to NYC in June and could use some suggestions.


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  1. Here's one you one you weren't thinking of. When one consider's a "view" in nyc they reflexively think vertical, not waterfront. We are a seaport; people always lose sight of that. If you are comming in June I'd recommend "The Wave", a japanese place (good sushi, tempura, etc.) at reasonable prices, $8 - $20. But the view! $1 million. They are located along the esplanade in Hudson Park at the north end of South Cove. (Hudson Park, you might see that area referred to on a map as Robert f. Wagner Park, runs along the Hudson River from Chambers Street to the Battery, one of the best uses of urban waterfront in the country. The Wave has an outdoor terrace where your view will be looking out over south cove (nicely designed pierhead with blue harbor lights) as river traffic goes by (on summer weekends between 4-6 pm an ocean liner or two steaming out to sea will pass) and then out towards the harbor itself, directly to the Statue of Liberty. Try timing it for twilight. Of course the after dinner walk along the esplanade is another big plus. enjoy.