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Jan 20, 2000 04:59 PM

Mercer Kitchen Impressions

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Given the comments on this board, I was sort of expecting to be disappointed. However, we had a really enjoyable meal. My only 2 complaints are that the bar/lounge style seating is not really conducive to dining comfortably and the wine list is terribly overpriced.

The food overall was really good. Entrees were about $19-$32 (the latter for lobster). I had a steamed shrimp salad appetizer that was very good and my wife had sea bass carpaccio that was also excellent (a waiter recommendation). For mains we had a lamb steak that was really tasty and cooked perfectly, and the roasted lobster (also quite tender and good). We had a bottle of Gigondas (okay) for $45 and a bottle of Zaca Mesa Syrah (very good) for $40 that were basically the cheapest non-Merlot red wines on the list.

I'd definitely go back.


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