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Jan 18, 2000 09:53 PM

Any Recent Opinions of Alison on Dominick?

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I heard that there was a change of chef.

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  1. went there right when the new chef started. back then, he needed some work, though the ny state foie gras, daily preparation, was stellar that day. his entrees need better pairings. but that was over 3 months ago so maybe he's worked out the kinks. worth a shot.


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      I'm considering taking a lady friend either to Alison or to Savoy (upstairs), two restaurants cozy and romantic in very different ways, and, of course, with different menus.

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        never been to savoy's. i like the atmosphere at alison's. plush, quiet, kind of hidden away from all the madness.

    2. I'm a lurker here because we NEVER go out, but in October a business associate of my husband's offered us dinner of our choice in NYC. I chose Alison because I'd read good things about it and it seemed to strike the right note. I thought the room was lovely, with gracious service. I had pumpkin soup, which was flavorful and slightly smoky, not overly sweet, and delicious, crisp, mahogany-roasted duck with richly flavored beans and a sweet but pungent sauce. Puree of squash, I think, on the side. My husband had tender, delicate, wonton-like sweetbread dumplings, and the lamb shank, which was rich and chewy and satisfying. Our host had a delicious appetizer I can't recall, and the short ribs, which were in a dark, wonderful sauce- tasted almost as if it were made with stout or ale, though I don't think it was- and served with a heap of spicy shoestring fried onions. (My husband had been about to order that too, but chose the lamb when the waiter said they had only one serving of short ribs left. After tasting they agreed that the lamb was the more interesting of the two.) For dessert, my husband had an apple concotion with buttery, lovely pastry, host had intense passion-fruit sorbet, and I had a pecan cake with caramel ice cream- great ice cream, slightly tough and biscuitlike cake that probably would have been better served warm, with sauteed bananas. We would go back!

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        Thanks for the lovingly detailed description!

        Happy lurking,


        Was October before or after the chef-shift?


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          hey, you got my attention. :-)

          october was definitely after the chef shift. i went there in august or september and asked if the new chef had started and they said he had been there for like a week. so unless they changed chefs again, which i doubt, then the new guy's still there. i think his name was alexander cormier, and i think he came from philadelphia or something like that. let me know if you have any other questions. thanks.


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            "hey, you got my attention. :-)"

            And in blaring CAPS, no less. Nice to be famous, no?

            I'll give it a shot (next month).