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Jan 16, 2000 08:09 PM

Anyone know of a place for lunch in the Theater district?

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Some friends and I are taking the train from Philly to NYC to see a play and some lunch. I would like some place near Broadway that is classy, but not too expensive. We will also have a non-meat eater with us. Thanks for your help!

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  1. try becco west 46 th st btwn 8th and 9th ave. good pasta, and antipasti

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      I recently had a terrific dinner at Thalia -- 8th Ave off 50th Street.

      1. re: DANA

        My favorite place to lunch is Becco on 46th St. off of 8th ave. Ask for the back room which is bright and airy. The waiters go aroung with "fresh from the pot" pastas and you can eat as many rounds as you can handle. Even if you have a small appetite, the quality of the food keeps me coming back even more than the quantity. Enjoy, if you get the chance to go.

      2. re: stephen kaye

        Thanks for the Becco suggestion!

        On your recommendation, we had a great (in both senses of the word) lunch there last Sunday. A very Tuscan sausage-and-beans appetizer was sublime. All the pastas were fresh and tasty. Good wine list. Fair prices. Professional, courteous service. We'll be back.

        Tip: upstairs is the place for a quiet, peaceful meal. Stay downstairs for people-watching and noise.

      3. If you like Thai food, try the Pongsri Thai on 48th St. just west of 8th Av. Thai food is always good for a combination of people which includes vegetarians - as long as you like spicy food which tends toward the fragrant rather than the subtle - as they make good tofu dishes and salads. I don't know this Becco place others have referred to. Have to check it out some time.

        Enjoy your trip!

        1. ruby foo's at 50th and bway is great and fun-- weird sushi and dim sum.
          for excellent vegetarian food, try zenith-- 52nd and 8th ave.