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Jan 16, 2000 07:47 AM

N.Y.U. campus area?

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With my son in college there, I'm on or near the campus often. With so many resturants it's hard to know where to start. Any suggestions?

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  1. I live near there so I can tell you places I like... they are not amazing just good neighborhood places.
    Coffee Cuisine/LaGuardia betw. Bleecker and W. 3rd. Good coffee and tea, good muffins and wraps. (I recommend the bran with raisins and peaches and for wraps the grilled chicken with chipolte mayo).
    Across the st. is decent sushi, the awning just says Japanese Restaurant.
    You can get quick decent mexican at Harry's Burrito's on Thompson and W. 3rd. Just down Thompson is Cookies & CousCous which has been written about on this board.
    On Waverly near Greene is Panne et Chocolate which I remember liking years ago.
    On W. 3rd off E. of Bway is Emerald Planet for AWESOME wraps.... there is a grilled chicken one with mango salsa, lots of caramelized onions and jasmine rice.... good smoothies, too.
    I also remember liking Pamela's on Bway and W 3rd but haven't been in a while.
    Bon Apetite!

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    1. re: Jessica S.

      try ennio's and michael's(spelling?) on la guardia pace. good italian

      1. re: stephen kaye

        For what I think is the best split pea soup in NYC and decent burgers try Cozy's on Broadway between Waverly and West 8th street...
        I second Emerlad Planet which is on Great Jones and Broadway...
        Good falafel, cheap Moumons (spelling is off)that is off West 3rd, but the street escapes me.

        1. re: Jo

          I like the Focacceria on MacDougal between Bleecker and Houston. Good sandwiches, salads, specials, interesting music.

          1. re: Barb. H.

            i love the area and some of my favorites are BELGO on lafayette ,great beer and mussels mmmmmm Not too expensive...also great CHEAP italian frutti de mar on 2nd ave and 4th 1 more for you Great sushi and space Jelatto on 4th btwn 2nd & 3rd ave.

          2. re: Jo

            Mamoun's is on MacDougal, and it is one of the best cheap falafal places in town. But these places are just for snacks. Go to Five Points on Great Jones street for a meal.

        2. re: Jessica S.

          I'll be going to Harry's Burritos for dinner tomorrow night -- my first time. Just wondering how the food is there now, and if I can order something relatively light (like chicken or seafood) and preferably not a burrito?

          Thanks a lot!,

        3. Lupa for Italian on Thompson St......but you have to get there early because it's very popular and it deserves to be.

          1. My brother lives near there and likes osso bucco for standard (yet satisfying) red sauce italian; Cafe Spice is always popular for interesting Indian. (Both are on University.)