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Jan 14, 2000 12:47 PM

egyptian on LES/EV?

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Am I dreaming or did I see a reference to an egyptian restaurant on lower 2nd avenue recently? Could not find it in a search. If such a place exists, (1) how is the food and (2) it and is it a little felafel/kebab hole in the wall (where you have to keep your coat on in this kind of weather cause the door keeps opening and you finish up in 10 minutes)or something more substantial?

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  1. Sahara, on 1st, not 2nd, bet 11 & 12th is Egyptian, complete with courtesy hookahs and occasional patrons standing on the table, singing. I haven't been there in a while, but I remember the felafel being pretty good and the atmosphere pretty smoky.

    1. A friend of mine went to a place called Eros last week, and I think she enjoyed it (maybe more for the overall experience than just for the food, though). It's at 1078 First Ave., 223-2322. She described it as being nothing to look at from the outside, but very romantic inside, with little tents available for private dining (I think you have to ask for them). She said that if she goes again, she'll make a reservation. At 10 p.m., she and her husband had a 90-minute wait for a table.

      1. There's a cheap but good Egyptian place on the west side of First Ave. between 2nd and 3rd; I don't know the name (am not sure it has one) but it has lots of chickens grilling in the window (and the half-chicken special, w/ salad and rice for $5.50, is a great deal). In the bins inside are an ever-changing assortment of stews, veggies, etc. (last time I was there they had molokhiyya, which is as Egyptian as you can get), and the TV plays Egyptian soap operas. Almost like being in Cairo, as long as you stay away from the door and its occasional reminders of the winter outside. // I might add that it's an excellent resource whether you're going to a movie at AFA around the corner on First and only have half an hour before your movie or you're enjoying happy hour at dba on the next block and want to provide a healthy base for the ales and single-malts (they don't serve food and don't mind your bringing it in).