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Jan 11, 2000 04:44 PM

anything good on the Upper West Side

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Preferably lower upper west side rather than the 80's. I have just moved to the area and I am bitterly disappointed with the cuisine that would fall in the quick, cheap, good food category. What's the good chinese? Don't feel like cooking sitting in pajamas cuisine?


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  1. There are many threads that you can check out to answer your question, but aside from that, I recommend 1. Gabriela's, which just opened a second location on 75th and Amsterdam.
    2. La Caridad, which has great rice and beans, on 77th and Bdwy.
    3. Ollie's, which I still think makes great Chinese food and delivers your food before you've even hung up the phone (on 68th and Bdwy and 84th and Bdwy)
    4. Gennaro for Italian that everyone raves about (I think it's a little over-hyped)- On 92nd and Amsterdam.
    5. Josie's, which isn't terribly cheap but offers a pretty good meal that strays from the standard fare (it's also all dairy-free, if that's of interest to you). On 74th and Amsterdam.
    Hope that helps. Happy Eating!

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      Kate, thanks for the info. I also Like Ollies. I also had a really good experience at China Fun.

      I agree with you about Gennarro's. I have been twice and have yet to see the charm. I had a red snappe dish once that was so sweet that it was almost inedible. My partner had a steak that was quite good, but nothing remarkable. the pastas were good but not worth the claims I have heard lavished on the place.

      I am going to try Gabriela's. i have walked by it a few times and now a reason to go in.


      1. re: perrin

        You also may want to try LaGrolla, 413 Amsterdam between 79 and 80. Not only does it belong to my husband, but Zagat rates it at 23 and the locals have frequently commented to us that they have been waiting for an UWS restaurant that has really good food and atmosphere. The cuisine is Northern Italian (my husband is from San Remo) with a Val d'aostan focus. Let me know what you think!!

        1. re: perrin

          Rancho (Amsterdam low 80s) is better than yippi yi yo. And Brother Jimmy's has very good ribs and bar scene. But if you really want to have a decent meal, you should move downtown.

        2. re: kate

          I haven't been there for a few months, but Silk Road is better than Ollie's IMO (FWIW my girlfriend prefers The Cottage, but I haven't been there in a long, LONG time and therefore offer no views on it). My favorite Chinese restaurant on the UWS is too far north for you, I guess: Dynasty on 110 St. & B'way. None of them are as good as cheaper Chinatown fare, but what are you gonna do (except move south)?

        3. One suggestion that I would say falls more under "moderate" than "cheap", but is certainly a good value, is Pasha on 71st between Columbus and CPW. Authentic Turkish food - they have a sinfully delicious grilled feta cheese appetizer, and the babaganoush (on the menu it's called by its Turkish name, which I can't recall at the moment)has a smokey flavor that makes it unique.
          If you're in the mood for a big, fat, juicey burger, I'd hit Diane's Downtown on Columbus - I think it's between 72nd and 71st. They also have a deep-fried bloomin onion served with a spicey dipping sauce. My arteries are clogging just thinking about it.

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          1. re: Joan

            Just like to second Pasha. Was underwhelmed by the main dishes (which I recall as ALL lamb variations), but that smoked eggplant appetizer was absolute heaven.

            Also in the pricier range, I'm a big fan of Calle Ocho, on Columbus and 81st (or 82nd?), for pan-Latin American food, especially great steaks and fantastic mojitos.

          2. I agree with all the suggestions about Ollie's and China Fun. Add to that Monsoon (81 and Amsterdam) if you feel like Vietnamese. Yipee, Yi Yo (Amsterdam between 81-82) is very affordable, fresh Tex-Mex. The grilled pork chops comes with a couple of vegetables and is about $10. The chicken ranchera quesedia is about $6. Not much in terms of ambiance but they do deliver.
            Fred's is a warm, friendly place. Great ambiance and good food but is not super cheap. 83rd and Amsterdam.