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Jan 11, 2000 09:20 AM

wall street/ seaport area

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I'm going to lunch in three hours and I need to find a good restaurant that is relatively inexpensive. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. here's a suggestion: going south on broadway, take a right on liberty street and then a left on washington. theres a small japanese restaurant a 100 yards in (its right by the bankers trust building on the west side of greenwich). i can vouch for the fried rice (ask them for some extra marinated ginger), i ate tons of it in my tenure down there - and another poster recommended the soup.

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        The place is called Menkui. Their fried rice is tops, but don't miss their udon noodle soups or gyoza dumplings either. This place puts the Daikichi chain to shame and is not terribly expensive either.

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          We've talked about this place before on here. I eat there about once a week. Good stuff. BTW, one thing is that they make solo diners sit at counter, which is a bit of a drag since there is no coat rack. BUT, if you go late (say, after 1:30 or so) they'll let you sit at a table

          Has anyone been there for dinner? Some of the menu is only available at dinner (e.g. liver with leeks, I'd be curious to what it's like