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Jan 6, 2000 09:38 PM

City Hall & Indonesian suggestions

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any recommendations or favorite dishes from City Hall in lower Manhattan?
I'm also looking for a good (and authentic....not just satays!)Indonesian restaurant I can take my Bali born father to for his birthday, preferably in Manhattan.

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  1. At City Hall - which at first glance looks like a Steak House - the seafood is our recommendation. Fresh - very, very fresh - catch(es) of the day are invariably well grilled, fileted at the table, and serve with the kind of outstanding sauces that result from Chef/Owner Henry Meers stints at some of the finest French restaurants in Manhattan.

    Order his grilled portobello mushroom - or virtually anything from the raw bar - for starters.

    And save room for desserts that are innovative and often outstanding - personal favorites include chocolate brioche bread pudding,concord grape sorbet and malted milk ice cream.