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Jan 4, 2000 11:43 AM

Eating Good and not showing it

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Relevant (but depressing) Question For Chowhounders: with all the good eating, how does everyone keep in shape - or does no one worry about that except me?

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  1. Oh yeah, Judith, I worry about it. At my age the midriff constantly threatens to bulge. (My boss says I am post-mature [whatever that means] but at least i'm pre-dead). Genetically, I'm not predisposed to being heavy but I will put on weight if I don't exercise.
    I walk (a lot) and try not to eat fatty junk food.
    Now fatty good food is a different story. Moderation and exercise is my key. When I'm immoderate, I forgive myself and enjoy. You do the same! pat

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      Thanks, Pat - I try to walk a lot too but I have trouble doing it as much in the cold weather - I also try to save eating out for the places I REALLY want to try

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        I couldnt agree with you more. moderation and exercise is what it's all about. I cannot deprive myself of the goodies that I crave, but there is no need to indulge in a disgusting way either.
        (well, okay sometimes I just cant resist)
        I am a runner, but I have also discovered yoga in the past 2 years... the combination of the two is exactly what my body needs. When I eat like an oinker, I accept it, digest it, and run harder the next day.

        1. re: gillian

          Good for you, Gillian. I do Yoga too. It's what keeps this old bod going. pat

      2. I used to worry, but now I just run. My genes are not going to help me stay svelte, but a good amount of running is absolutely the most efficient way to keep the foie gras off my ass. If you're in Manhattan, I could use a running partner...

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          Tara - Thanks but I killed my right knee years ago running so now I walk - I am in Manhattan on the Upper East Side and if you are ever interested in walking, let me know (maybe we can have a chowhound exercise group dedicated to keeping the pounds off for more good chow - all in a good cause! - Judith

        2. Every year people ask me how I get in shape for the ski season (I ski once a year for two weeks out West--and, tho' technically a good skier, have never been known for my "strength and endurance!" Ahem!) My answer to that question--"How do I get in shape?"--has always been: "I read Ski magazine."

          I guess my response to YOUR question is:"I DON'T keep in shape." 'Tho average size, my weight fluctuates up and down 15 lbs (not a good thing for "those of a certain age"--like myself.) Some months I succumb entirely to my food "proclivities!" And,others, I manage to keep it down to a dull roar--eating just eat small portions of what I crave.

          Luckily I am not into sugar or fried stuff, which definitely helps. And I don't really feel very hungry until later in the day. That helps, too.

          My only advice--since I make the sign of the cross whenever I have to pass a gym (or I should say the star of David since I'm Jewish,)is: Save a little portion of satisfyingly gross calories every day for all those unthinkable fats that you absolutely cannot live without! That's what I do. Food will always be one of my gods....

          And happy eating in 2000 and beyond.

          1. 1st, just to nitpick, 'good eating' translates into 'eating well', not 'eating good'.

            Now that I got that out of the way, I'll tell you some tips... I lost 25 lbs about 2 years ago and have kept it off despite all the chowhounding I try to do.

            1st off, when you eat at home keep it simple with low-fat, high-fiber and modest portions. I actually eat small main meals and then lots of snacks thru-out the day. Snacks= fruit, fat-free yogurt, a piece of bread (with whole wheat and 1g of fat or less) with jam, fat-free pretzels, raw OR cooked veggies (not potatoes though). I don't have seconds on the entree just on veggies etc., and I have big salads but not endless ones as there is fat in the dressing. I always make extra veggies when I cook them, somehow cold steamed cauliflower beats some celery sticks any day. I can give you more details if you want on the at-home stuff...

            Here's the out-of-home stuff. I limit myself to 1 piece of bread w/out butter UNLESS the bread is that kind of baguette that just *sings* with butter..., then I get whatever I want but try not to over eat, I split appies and dessert or just have a cappucino or peppermint tea (and a long spoon as my mother always joked) for dessert. I try to get the healthier (low-fat, hi-fiber, no added fat) of 2 entrees if I am undecided. I know my weaknesses: I'd rather have a fatty, rich main course with lots of wine and then have sorbet or nothing for dessert. I try to skip cocktails and just have wine (assuming the cocktail was additional to the amount of wine).

            Exercise is important but for me it's keeping the fat down to a minimum. If you walk try walking just a bit more, add 10 minutes to the days you walk and take just a 10 minute walk on the days when you weren't walking. Sometimes I deliberatly walk to and from a restaurant where I know I will be chowing pretty seriously

            Good luck--also a guiltless dinner out can be sushi, absolutely no added fat (at least to the fish, any fat in the sushi rice?)

            Also allow yourself some flexibility, I go up down in about a 6 or 7 lb. range.

            1. Swim! I know that sounds awful as winter hits, but there are several good indoor pools in NYC (check out the municipal rec centers, which are an astonishing bargain at $25 per *year*), and as long as you stay bundled up on the way home it's really very invigorating, very good for you, and very easy on that bum knee.