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Dec 27, 1999 05:03 PM

9th ave north/lincoln center eats

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anybody find any good chowhoundy places on upper 9th ave(48 st north) up to and thru lincoln center for before or after performances there?

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  1. try Nocello, 55&8th ave.

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Puttanesca on 9th and 56th is decent and low-fuss Italian. I ate there in October on a visit (I don't live in NYC anymore) and was pleased with the meal and service for the price. I do, however, think it was somewhat better before they expanded. When I worked on 8th and 50th, Uncle Nick's on 9th between 50th and 51st was a favorite for Greek. Not big on atmosphere or elegance, but the octopus--one intact tentacle simply grilled with olive oil and lemon--is just so delish. I've yet to find that kind of unadulterated octopus experience in Los Angeles.

      1. re: Jessica Ritz

        Re: Puttanesca

        I've had lousy service there a couple of times. One time, the waiter presumed to tell my mother how much to tip; another time, the waiter brought me something I had cancelled the order for AND THEN PROCEEDED TO ARGUE AT SOME LENGTH THAT I HAD ORDERED IT instead of simply removing it from the table. Furthermore, the food just isn't consistently good enough to justify their prices, IMO. I will not be going back.

        Just so you know, the last time I went there was in early September or so.

        1. re: Michael

          i live in the neighborhood and LOVE puttanesca-- consistently good. uncle nick's is also a solid choice. other great cheap picks: island burgers and shakes, renaissance cafe, chanpen thai-- all on 9th ave in the 50's.