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Dec 20, 1999 10:35 AM

71 Clinton Fresh Food

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Have a reservation at 71 Clinton Fresh Food this week. Has anyone been there? Any comments or recommendations?

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  1. Hi-

    Had an excellent meal at 71 Clinton. You might find some of the portions a little stingy, but at these prices, it's hard to argue.

    Weak link on the menu are the desserts. But everything else we ate (8 dishes) was uniformly delicious. Enjoy!

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    1. re: mitchw

      The short ribs at Clinton Fresh Foods were absolutely spectacular. We also loved the salmon tartare appetizer. The best though, is the chef's father. His name is Dewey and he makes dining there truly wonderful.

      1. re: Slappy

        Thanks for the tips. We loved the short ribs, as well, and agree that the reasonable price point made it hard to get too upset about the less than generous portions. The chef's father was adorable, as was the very agreeable bartender and terrific staff. we also recommned the house cocktail -- some sort of rum thing with a champagne topper. Yum.

        1. re: dana

          The Chef's father is unquestionably adorable BUT for me the highlight (besides the fabulous food!!) was the Maitre d'-- an extremely pleasant, beautiful Irish girl with a Bay City Rollers haircut!