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Dec 20, 1999 09:33 AM

AQUAGRILL Experience

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Hey everyone-

I know this has been written about once before but I
figured I'd post because the experience was THAT GOOD!

The service was absolutely perfect. My date and I had
never eaten oysters before, so the server was very
knowledgeable and helpful with the raw bar selections.
They take service very seriously here. I'm a waiter and bartender myself so I can appreciate it when it's good. The wine list is one of the best i've seen.

As far as the food, I had the boulobaisse and my date
had the red snapper. Again, food was wonderful. Good
portions and great flavor.

I want to go again just because there are so many
dishes I want to try......

Happy eating...

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  1. Aquagrill was very good yesterday evening. It cost $138 with tip, but we got lots of impeccibly fresh food and the service was friendly and efficient.
    My husband had an assortment of six raw oysters. (They had about 12 varieties of oyster displayed at the bar.) I had 1/2 dozen cherrystone clams.

    Then we had a bowl of periwinkles, which I had never heard of before. They're small snails. The shell is about the size of a hazelnut. Cooked in wine and herbs and then soaked in the cooking liquid. Served warmed with garlic mayo on the side. There must have been 6 dozen in the bowl. It took half an hour for us to coax out all the curly little periwinkles with a tiny fork. A delicious strong earthy flavor. Snaily!

    The entrees were a bit too "done up" for me. I had an achingly fresh seared grouper with some sort of exotic mushroom risotto and baby vegetables. It was pretty and yummy, but with fish that good I prefer plain rice. (You can order simple grilled fish, which I will probably do next time.)

    We ordered wine by the glass -- good, but not great. Next time I'll get beer. Desserts were pretty good, but not worth the price. I'd recommend gettting an extra appetizer instead.