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Dec 18, 1999 11:43 AM


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going to scopa tonight. any recommendations?

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  1. How was it? I've been curious...

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    1. re: Jill

      The chef is Vincent Scotto who is known from his tenure at Fresco by Scotto (even though he is unrelated to that Scotto family).

      He is known for his Pizza Margherita which he is still serving at Scopa and it's still delicious. He's also doing a white pizza with mashed potatoes on it which is also quite good. He does a terrific salad with roasted beets, Maytag blue, spicy pecans and baby spinach. He's doing a pasta with carmelized onions that is absolutely delicious.

      I never ate at Fresco by Scotto, but I did eat at Antonio where he was consulting chef for several months when it opened. I feel pretty comfortable ordering anything off his menu.

      Hope you'll let us know how your meal was.

      1. re: JMinNYC

        I have a Food Network show on tape where Vincent
        Scotto explains how to make his famous grilled pizzas
        Including the pizza with mashed potato. He's
        very inventive yet nice and simple.

        I can't wait to finally try Scopa.

        Let us all know how your dinner was.

        1. re: JMinNYC
          david debetta

          ate there staurday night. Food was aveleage if not alittle below and way way overpriced even by manhatten standards. I will not return Had baby chicken was very dry and the Antipasta app. was basically four pieces of cheese for $25????? Very disappointed very!

          1. re: david debetta

            So which restaurant did you really go to? I see you posted identical messages for Fresco by Scotto and for Scopa. The only connection is that Vincent Scotto used to be the chef at Fresco, and is now at Scopa.

            1. re: gary cheong
              david debetta

              we went to fresco by scotto. first and the last time i visit there