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Dec 16, 1999 09:17 AM


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Has anyone eaten here? If so, how was the food, service? What do you recommend?

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  1. Apologies, fellow and sister chowhounds, I just discoverd the feedback on Beacon in the "less recent 150" - comments were mostly positive with one quite negative - the last very positive comment was dated 10/21 - if anyone has eaten there more recently, I would love to hear about it - thanks!

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    1. re: Judith

      Ate there about 3 weeks ago.
      The place certainly is pretty/well done and the service was quite good.
      But, I'm not sure what all the hype and praise is for. While the food wasn't bad, it was certainly not memorable. The big thing was the wood roasted items, all of which I sampled were overly roasted (i.e. dried out). And the desert I had was blah (some sort of roasted pear).
      Restaurants like Babbo, etc. are in the same price range but a different stratosphere of food.
      I wouldn't cringe at going back - again I thought it was OK, but only OK.

    2. I eat there 2 weeks ago and thought it was great. The service was outstanding. Our waitress had consigned each dish to memory and made suggestions based on our preferences. We had great steaks, juicy flavourful roasted lobster and sweet oysters. The bourbon, pecan
      souffle was delicious. One curious note, a letter of
      thanks was unanswered by the management.

      1. j
        jonathan sibley

        Had dinner there in October, and it was quite delicious, I must say. The Argentinian beef was very tasty and very nicely seared. A friend had venison that was also quite good. We had some mixed sausages as an appetizer (not in a very vegetarian mood that night, I guess) that were also quite good. The wine list was not huge, if I remember correctly, but had some very nice wines on it. We had a Limerick Lane Zinfandel that was very nice. I don't particularly remember the service, which means it couldn't have been bad that night.