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Dec 15, 1999 03:45 PM

Has anyone eaten at Cafe Espanol?

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  1. I have fond memories of the one on Carmine St. Used to go there for birthday lunches at one company I worked for. Charming service, big pitchers of sangria, sharing numerous paella's and casseroles with rice.....Yum! Handled groups of 10-20 well.
    But then I went with my family for dinner (about 12) at the Bleecker St. one and it was too busy, we were rushed along, jammed in at our table, ate a lot but it was too much, when the food came it was like an onslaught, hot and stuffy, too.
    So I can only vouch for lunch at the Carmine St. one!
    P.S. Both incidents were around 1992.

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      ate there (carmine st) this week and all the food was terrible.