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Dec 15, 1999 11:13 AM

Candela's in Union Square Area

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Just wondering if anyone knows this restaurant. If so how was it? We were looking for something lowkey before a show in the area and came across this restaurant name.

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  1. It's nice! I had a delicious meal there with about 8 people on a Sunday night (Sunday Night Supper last April to support God's Love We Deliver). Romantic-gothic decor, excellent bread, cocktails, good entrees and inspired desserts. I do remember it was a bit overpriced for what it was. If you don't mind spending betw. 50 and 70 per person, then enjoy. If you do, you might be better off coughing up those bucks elsewhere. But certainly a pleasent dining experience. Been meaning to go back.

    1. A very pleasant, really underappreciated restaurant. Good seafood, nice wine list. The decor is great, and the service nice. Pretty moderately priced, certainly a nice pre-theatre restaurant.

      1. What's all the fuss about?

        Sorry to nay-say but, although I found the room quite nice, I found the food and service VERY ordinary. I almost always journalize the meals I eat in restaurants - but when I look back on July 22, I see I was too disinterested in the food there to bother writing an entry. (I realize this sounds haughty - but really, the menu and the food weren't very interesting).

        Perhaps, this is one of those places where they serve one or two dishes that really are quite good and after you've eaten there a few times, you know what/how to order.

        But, unless circumstances dictate, I wouldn't return to nor recommend this place.