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Dec 15, 1999 09:14 AM

Russian Tearoom: Hats off to William Grimes

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Fantastic trashing of this shlock theme restaurant in its latest incarnation by W. Grimes of the Times! What a joy to read adjectives such as "appalling". The description of the hordes thronging to get in to eat the most dreadful stuff: a meat-based baklava that was dessert-sweet, a chunk of filet stuffed into pastry shell ennobled as salmon kulibiaka. . . wow! Hats off to William!

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  1. Any idea why it got a "Satisfactory" and not a "Poor"?

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    1. re: Liza

      "Any idea why it got a "Satisfactory" and not a "Poor"?"

      - Perhaps the digestion was smooth. :)

    2. I agree, it was interesting and enjoyable to read.
      Even more interesting is when you contrast it with what Gael Green had to say about the place in NY Magazine. She raved about it.So much for the reviewers :)
      Probably why Jim's boards are so good. And that's a compliment.

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      1. re: michael

        "So much for the reviewers"

        hey, if one garage screws up a repair, do you dismiss all mechanics?