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Dec 14, 1999 10:11 PM

Sunday Dinner in the Village?

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Hi Everybody...Would like some suggestions for a sunday dinner in the Village. My sister and her husband are coming to town, and need a place that's priced between $10-15 for entrees or less. Already read all the postings for the village and really didn't come away with too much recent feedback. Was thinking of Ithaka, but wondering about the sunday-fresh fish fear?, and not sure if it's in my price range...was also thinking of Po but didn't know how hard it is to get in on a sunday. Am open to Italian, Greek, Thai, Indian, or Nouvelle American...Read conflicting things about Bar Pitti here, I think Jim mentioned that it had gone downhill..Never been to Home, was wondering what the recent opinion was of it. Lupa seems to trendy to get into. My sister is a super cook by the I would somewhere that she will be happy with. Thanks for any suggestions...

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  1. Places I would recommend would be: Indigo, a Scott Bryan place, fairly reasonable and relaxed with very good food or Taka, Japanese that can be exceptional with a woman owner and sushi chef who pays attention to her food and her clientele.

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      You will not have problem with the "Sunday fish thing" at Ithaka. This is a wonderful place and you won't be dissapointed.

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        I think Ithaka is out of your price range, but yes, the whole Sunday fish thing is a myth as far as I know. For those prices try Trattoria Spaghetto or Bel Villagio side-by-side on Bleecker betw. 6th. and Carmine. Bel Villagio ma ybe more like $14--18 so you should check by calling and just ask what is the price range of your entrees--I have done that a lot.
        Or try a Jean Claude restaurant (french)... I posted recently about Velli. He has 4: Velli on Houston and Sullivan (italian twist on french food), Caffe Lurre on Sullivan just n. of Houston (focus on fish), SoHo Steak on Thompson betw. Prince and Spring (3 steak entrées and many non-steak things), and Jean-Claude Bistro on Sullivan betw. Houston and Prince. He really delivers gourmet food for less than you'd expect, definitly in your range.

        1. re: Jessica S.

          I agree with Jessica.

          You can't do better for your money in the Village with Trattoria Spaghettio or Cafe Velli (especially the first.) I have taken various family members and others there and every single person was amazed at the quality, quantity and value of the food (however, the desserts are nothing special. Go to Rocco's on Bleecker St for that.) And if you're looking for good fish on a Sunday night, their salmon in mustard sauce is by far the best salmon I have ever eaten.

          Let us know what you decide to do!


          1. re: Steve

            Trattoria Spaghetto has the best minestrone ever. It's a pureed version, full of greens & lentils, and, with the .. umm.. acceptable bread and plenty of black pepper, it's great, soothing, filling comfort food -- the best five-dollar cold-weather meal you can get. The cold antipasto is as good as some I've had at twice the price, my favorite component is the roasted peppers and tomatoes with anchovies -- yum. In the same vein, they do a mean puttanesca sauce. I also like the eight-dollar green tagliatelle with marinara. I haven't really tried the more expensive meat-y or fishy things, but I absolutely rely on the place for solidly good food, no attitude, and reasonable prices.

            And Bleecker Street Pastry kicks Rocco's butt.

    2. Hey everybody..Thanks for the suggestions, ended up at Ithaka this evening-Sunday, as I was curious about it. Loved the atmosphere, and the service was fine, but was a bit disapointed in the food. For appetizers, we had the grilled octopus which was cut up pieces over some greens (presentation nothing much), and the greek sausage with orange peel, which was good. My entree was the swordfish, which was a nice portion and good quality but taste was on the bland side. The accompanying rice with carrots, potato and stringbeans were nothing special. The potatoes did not beging to compare to Christos Hasapa Taverna's. My wife had shrimp charbroiled which was an appetizer that she asked to have as an entree, and to her surprise they were still in the shells, and it was a bit of a hassle to pull them away from the shell as they were a bit overdone and stuck to the shell a bit. They were fresh tasting but quite bland. They also were not hot, and as you know from my previous posts if you were reading carefully, my wife is from the "It can never be too hot club". She also was disapointed in the sides, and she also said her rice was ice cold. My sister had mullet which was a special that evening and I believe it was pan fried. It was very bony which she had been made aware of before she ordered it, and the waiter did debone it for her as best as possible, but she said it was sort of a pain to eat it, but she did say it was tasty. Her boyfriend ordered the lamb stew, and was not too thrilled with it as it was very bony and flavor was not that interesting, although the artichoke that was in it was pretty good. For dessert we ordered the asst that they had. It didn't even begin to compare to astoria renditions of the same desserts. The wine we had was like a Merlot and it was $40 for the bottle, it was very good. So, all in all I would say I wouldn't return as the prices were high for what I could get in Astoria for less and frankly the food did not make a lasting impression on me. I got my hopes up that a hip west village greek would really be something special foodwise, and in my opinion it really wasn't.

      Wish you all a very happy holiday!