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dinner at daniel

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i've just got home, and am slightly incoherent.

alright, you guys win. dinner was superb, and i had the time of my life. it seems funny to say all of this when the bouley bakery is taking such a slamming on these boards, but i for one had a phenomenal meal tonight at daniel. delicately textured smoked salmon, glorious ravioli with ricotta cheese and chanterelles, supremely cooked medallion of veal and a rich creamy cheese plate followed by a bitter chocolate dessert. we began with sparkling vouvray and drank pichon-lalande '86 with the veal and cheese. coffee, cognac and cigars were at my friends house listening to mahlers 5th symphony VERY LOUD.

i can't even complain about the room; it is beautifully done, though how much my impressions come from - what seemed to be - a coterie of stray wood-nymphs dining at a nearby table i can't tell. the service was impeccable, the conversation funny and i never once remembered i was wearing the hated suit.

if i have to carp about anything, it was the pichon-lalande. a little tired, and nowhere near the glory of the '85. but that was a vintage that wasn't available. but that's griping just for the sake of it, so i'll quit before looking too hard at this gift horses teeth....

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  1. Ah......I'm enjoying the virtual meal. So glad you had a good one. Daniel Boulud rules.