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Dec 13, 1999 06:22 PM

Has anyone eaten at Chin Chin?

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  1. once. can't say i enjoyed it very much. there was a roach in my friend's salad, and they just kind of took the bowl away and pretended it never happened. no apology, no free dinner, no nothing.

    i've been living in nyc for almost ten years now and this was the all-time worst thing i've ever seen.

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      Yes, many times. I love it. Sorry to hear about the roach experience - I have had nothing but stellar service, and I love the food - I just wish my expense account was a bit more liberal!! The dumplings are great, and the Grand Marnier prawns are awesome. A lot of people complain that the food isn't "authentic" - but it sure tastes good.

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      jonathan sibley

      Haven't eaten there for a while, but used to go for Dim Sum when I didn't want to go downtown. It was quite good for Dim Sum, and a number of Chinese customers apparently thought so, as well.

      1. I ate there a few times when I worked in the neighborood. The food was good, but was heavier and more oily than what I would consider typical chinese food.