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Dec 13, 1999 10:13 AM

Dinner in SoHo -- Savoy or Quilty's

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Have reservations at both places for a Saturday night. Could someone direct me to the best choice.

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  1. They are both great choices. I think the food at Quilty's a bit better, but it is a little more of a scene. Savoy has a very nice Mediterranean-style menu (and very good homemade cherries if you happen to order a Manhattan).

    I don't think you'll go wrong either way, but if forced to choose I'd pick Quilty's (have the pork loin).


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      WOW! Manhattans are my favorite drink, and I always order them "up with three cherries." Maraschino cherries have been one of my favorite foods for ever. I will run there to have fresh ones. Anyone know how to make them?

      I know, this is the wrong place to post this...

    2. It is, of course, extremely bad form to make reservations that you don't intend to use. It leads to situations like the Bouley Bakery mayhem so amply documented elsewhere on this board. That being said, Savoy is truly a special restaurant, probably closer to the Cafe at Chez Panisse than anywhere else in NY, and definitely a leader in the responsible ag movement in NY state. Upstairs is especially nice, but downstairs is no punishment.

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        I've only been to Quilty's and found it to be warm with a spare decor. I really enjoyed the rabbit.

        Please be considerate and cancel whichever reservation you won't be using.

      2. My choice would definitely be Savoy. If you prefer to be greeted as a treasured friend thats the place for you. The food is also exemplary.