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Dec 11, 1999 11:09 AM

Any experiences at Sono?

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I'm eating there tonight (short notice, I know), any recommendations?


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  1. i'm going there this saturday. how was it? recommendations? thanks in advance.


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      We had a wonderful meal there. We had the tasting menu, which apparently rotates in selection regularly.

      The first course was a plate with a number of small chilled dishes: a shrimp, a scallop, some octopus (with something called "mountain potato" I think), marinated sardines with quinoa (I think there was one more I can't remember). The scallop and the sardines were just fabulous, the others were also good but less interesting to me.

      I know I'm going to forget a course, but I'll try to get everything in. Next, I think, was a very thin slice of raw dorade that was served in a bowl, with a very nice subtle broth poured over at the table. The fish cooked in the broth and it was a very nice, clean flavored dish. Next was a crab cake that was great -- incredibly light but with lots of flavor, not your typical crab cake, it was almost like a dumpling.

      Next was a wonderful sauteed foie gras with Asian pear. the best foie gras I've had in a long time. Then was pompano, which was very good and full-flavored. The last savory course was a roasted duck-breast with a green wasabi sauce -- an incredibly bold and interesting combination that really works. With it was duck confit, wonderful mushrooms and spaetzle.

      The dessert was a sticky-rice pudding with coconut ice cream that was incredible. I don't even like rice pudding, but this was dense, creamy and wonderful. What really made it was the lime syrup that came with it, sweet, tart and delicious. It all went perfectly with the excellent mint tea we had at the end.

      In sum, everything was excellent. The tasting menu was a nice way of trying things we wouldn't otherwise have ordered and getting a nice overview of the menu. I highly recommend the restaurant and it reminded me of some of the very ambitious Asian-accented restaurants that we visited when we were recently in Australia.

      Full disclosure: We ended up getting comped the meal because my wife has done some work for the restaurant. While it is expensive, we would have been happy to pay for the meal and will certainly be going back in the future at regular price.

      I've attached a link to their web site.